Be a healthy role model for children

Offering a variety of foods helps children get the nutrients they need from every food group. Children will also be more likely to try new foods and to like more foods if they are served a variety of foods regularly. Cook together, eat together, talk together, and make mealtime a family time. Read More: Be…

Instead of giving wrapped gifts, why not plant a tree?

We had a wonderful Christmas at our house. Lovely wife and I were fortunate enough to have both of our daughters and their husbands and their children (and one of the grandson’s bride-to-be) with us. After an inspiring Christmas Eve service at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church we adjourned to our home. The tree (artificial, of…

Slow-Cooker French Onion Soup

This fantastic French onion soup makes a hearty meal. Start the soup in the morning and come home to a no-fuss dinn

6 Crockpot Recipes With Less Than 300 Calories

It’s easy to believe you haven’t made eggs or attempted to perfect the sticky bun in your crockpot, but these recipes show you how it’s done with ease. In addition, each of the recipes have fewer than 300 calories — a feat for any meal or appetizer. Take a look at the ideas, and plan on…

Recipe for Greek style meat loaf 

Made with ground lamb, which typically contains more fat than lean ground beef, this meat loaf is rich and moist, accented with garlic, onion, parsley, and oregano. Serve thick slices on a bed of sauteed spinach, along with rice or roasted potatoes. For a condiment to accompany the loaf, if desired, serve tomato sauce, plain…

10 Ways to Get Creative with Candles 

Preserve the autumnal glow with these glass cylinders. They’re pressed with collected leaves in scarlet, orange, and golden hues. Read More: 10 Ways to Get Creative with Candles | Martha Stewart

Farm living/DIY style

“Happiness starts here.” The heartfelt sign hangs near the basement stairs in this cheerful and imaginatively decorated ranch-style farmhouse. And downstairs is the roomy workspace where most of the homeowner’s DIY projects take shape. Read More: Farm living/DIY style | Cedar Valley Home and Garden |

Grilled Italian Sausage Burgers Recipe

Try this easy and delicious twist on a regular grilled burger by using Italian sausage! Read More: Grilled Italian Sausage Burgers Recipe | WinCo Foods

5 Surefire Ways to Get Your Child to Go to Bed

Here are simple ways to condition your child to prepare for bedtime along with the upcoming day without the fuss. Read More: 5 Surefire Ways to Get Your Child to Go to Bed | hitched

Salmon Burgers with Sweet Pickle Relish

We have fond memories of a certain fast-food fried fish sandwich, so we wanted to elevate a classic into a refined fish burger fit for the summer months. In our recipe, tangy caper- and dill-laced salmon burgers are topped with a sweet pickle relish and iceberg lettuce, all piled on a sweet roll. Read More:…

Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork

It’s summer. And it’s hot. So why are you turning on your oven to make dinner? You don’t have to, thanks to our slow-cooker pulled pork. Read More: RECIPE: Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork Sounds Like Nashville

Fitting in fitness 

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the incessant demands people face every day. Whether a demand is work-related, personal or a combination, it’s still a balancing act and we often forget to include ourselves as part of that equation. That said, it is possible to fit in time for activity in a busy day….

5 Simple Ways to Help Elevate Your Life 

We are all busy and sometimes lose sight of what’s important. Of course we all want to live a happy and fulfilled life, but how? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a magic formula? Well there might be! Read More: 5 Simple Ways to Help Elevate Your Life – Story

How to Make the Perfect DIY Tire Swing

Whether it hangs from a weeping willow, swing set, or over a river, tire swings have always been a summertime essential. Read More: How to Make the Perfect DIY Tire Swing

8 Family Read-Aloud Books All Ages Will Enjoy

I’ve consciously cemented reading time into our family routine for three main reasons: because reading to children is the number-one thing you can do to develop their intellects; to give all members of our family common ideas and experiences that strengthen our minds and relationships; and because we all just plain enjoy it. The quickest…