8 Family Read-Aloud Books All Ages Will Enjoy

I’ve consciously cemented reading time into our family routine for three main reasons: because reading to children is the number-one thing you can do to develop their intellects; to give all members of our family common ideas and experiences that strengthen our minds and relationships; and because we all just plain enjoy it. The quickest…

Screening Your Family’s Screen Time

If you’re vexed that the sounds around the family dinner table these days have gone from a buzz of conversation to the buzzes, beeps, and tones of smartphones, or if you’ve had enough of only talking to your kids in passing, you will definitely want to check out Screen, a new device coming this summer that…

Hiking with Kids: 7 Tips for Getting Outside this Summer

It’s a battle many parents know well: getting their kids off the iPad and into the great outdoors during summer break. The solution, according to researchers and outdoor advocates? Take a hike — even one close to home. Getting the most out of the outdoors doesn’t require a weeklong backpacking trip. And for many families,…

Yoga is great for families

 Yoga can be a special way for families to spend time together and bond. Source: Coming Om: Yoga is great for families

The 1 Thing All Kids Want Most

News flash: the superexpensive toy with all the buttons and flashing lights isn’t the thing at the top of your kid’s wish list. What your little one really wants is something that doesn’t cost you a cent but is perhaps more difficult to provide than anything you can put on your credit card — it’s…

Connecting Young Children to Nature 

Connecting young children to nature has become lesser and lesser in years. Though it is essential to lessen indoor activities and find time to allow children to explore nature on their own, parents have become very protective of their children thus giving them little if no time outdoors. Prevention from obesity, promotion of self-discipline and…

Keeping your kids safe online

The Internet — millions of children use it every day. But how can parents keep their kids safe online? Read More: Keeping your kids safe online

Farmers Market – Worksheets and Activities for kids promoting the farmer’s market

Farmers Market – Worksheets and Activities for kids promoting the farmer’s market “It’s easy to get your kid started,” said program director Tarney Sheldon. “Come to the market, eat something yummy, do a little activity—then they get … Read More: Farmers Market – Worksheets and Activities for kids promoting the farmer’s market

The No Cell Zone

Between emails, texts, FACEBOOK, and  Pinterest there is always something to check up on!  Eyewitness News Reporter Valerie Tysanner found Source: The No Cell Zone

7 Ways to Spend More Time as a Family…Unplugged

With summer behind us and school in full swing, practices, recitals, and everything else happening in our day-to-day lives can make it challenging to spend time together as a family. It is especially difficult with all the TV’s, tablets, smart phones, and other electronics that seem to fill up the remainder of our fleeting time during the day. Though, if we set aside some time daily or even weekly to devote to spending time with our family, we just might find that we can have a lot of fun together and look forward to that time spent in each other’s company.