The best places to take the kids this summer in Europe

Family holidays will always be stressful to organize, but the best way to get the most out of your holiday is to take a trip to some of the best child friendly cities in Europe. When travelling round Europe, you will find there are so many activities, things to see and do for children of…

15 ways to foster your child’s creativity

Children are naturally creative. But rules, social norms and unrealistic goals can quickly erode their efforts. Here are 15 ways to keep children’s creative juices flowing. Read More: 15 ways to foster your child’s creativity | The Tribune

5 things parents can do to stop bullying in school

Recent news of bullying has worried parents of young children. Here are some things you can do if your child is being bullied in school. Read More: 5 things parents can do to stop bullying in school –

Just because we can do things for kids doesn’t mean we should

“He’s always had everything he wanted; I don’t know why he’s having a problem now. I mean, we sacrificed so he could have many of the advantages his mother and I never had, but he’s not grateful. In fact, some days he acts as if we’re his slaves and we owe him.”… Source: Just because…

Speak to your children, but listen to them

In a present day society however, young people get more information from the internet, radio, television, newspapers etc, regardless of how misleading all these information could be. Good communication is an important parenting skill. Good communication is the key to building self-esteem as well as mutual respect. The importance of a parent’s open and effective…

Children are not immune from anxiety

Children can be as susceptible to anxiety issues as adults – if not more. It’s hard enough for adults to witness chaos in the world by watching the nightly newscasts and 24-hour cable news. But images of an unsettled world can also be troubling for our children. It may be one reason our kids are…

Make time to be a healthy mom … and here’s how 

Between meeting the demands of a job and the crazy schedule of a busy family, most moms find it difficult to set aside any time for themselves. But to Source: Make time to be a healthy mom … and here’s how – News – The Lake News Online – Camdenton, MO

The 1 Thing All Kids Want Most

News flash: the superexpensive toy with all the buttons and flashing lights isn’t the thing at the top of your kid’s wish list. What your little one really wants is something that doesn’t cost you a cent but is perhaps more difficult to provide than anything you can put on your credit card — it’s…

How to Stop Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is normal, but the bickering fights can sometimes lead to endless whining. It may be unavoidable, but it can be dealt with and resolved. Source: Parenting Tips: How to Stop Sibling Rivalry : Parenting : Parent Herald

Raising confident children

Becoming a parent is one of the utmost challenges a person can face. It doesn’t matter if you are a biological parent or adoptive parent, the accountability of raising a child can be earnestly overwhelming. On top of it, when you are a first-time parent, it feels like everyone around you is judging what your…

California Expands Paid Family Leave Law to Increase Time-Off Pay

Continuing a wave of expanding labor policy reforms aimed at addressing income inequality, California’s Democratic governor signed legislation Monday to increase time-off pay for employees who must leave work to care for their family. Source: California Expands Paid Family Leave Law to Increase Time-Off Pay – WSJ

How to Ensure You Have More Family Time

  Learn how to make more time in your life for your loved ones. Let’s face it: Time is precious, and you have very little of it. If you want to spend less time with your work and more time with your family, you must master the art of calendaring… Read More: How to Ensure…

How kids feel about their parents’ use of technology

Once upon a time, moms could only embarrass their children in person. But these days, a kid doesn’t have to be at a family gathering or social event in ord Source: How kids feel about their parents’ use of technology