Easter Dinner Is On Its Way

Hi! I know it’s been awhile since we’ve last met and I’m sorry for that. I just thought I’d stop by and say hi, see how everyone is and how planning for Easter dinner is going……and see who’s started planning graduation parties yet! We are combining an 18th birthday and graduation party this June and we…

T-1 Day!!!!!!!

DONT STRESS!!!! Make a todo list if necessary and follow it but don’t stress 😊.

T-2 days!!

The kitchen counters are all cleaned off and ready for tons of food to be laden across them. My hutch is done except for the bottom. It needs to be polished but the buffet section is ready to be filled with dessert!! The living room furniture is done and now the room just needs it’s normal clean done. Its coming together quite nicely!!

T-4 days and counting

Today, I will be getting anything out of the freezer that I made ahead and let it thaw out in the fridge now until Thursday morning. Unless it’s defrosted by Wednesday evening and then I will get it into it’s baking dish, topped and covered and ready for the oven.

Double Check Everything

Today I will just be double checking all my recipe’s to ingredients. Nothing as frustrating as being in the middle of a recipe and realize…..I don’t have that spice or whatever it’s calling for.

Cleaning Up

We all get into some kind of cleaning frenzy at holidays when everyone is coming! I decided to rearrange furniture and clean behind and under it all. I have to finish that and do regular house cleaning so that on Thanksgiving morning it just spiffing up while trying to keep the kitchen clean as I work.

Final checklist

This week, you should be down to a final check list! Yes! Get as much of your shopping done as possible also.

Have you confirmed your headcount?

Hopefully by now you’ve made your guest list and sent out the invites, if that’s how you roll. At the very least, everyone knowing they’re invited is accomplished. Hopefully you have a confirmed head count.

Gluten Free Thanksgiving

I will NOT, in any certain or uncertain terms give up stuffing on Thanksgiving! So……….I’m making my own! It will be gluten free!

Prepare Ahead

I’ve already baked the sweet potatoes, skinned them, sliced (frozen on a plate 1st) and have them in food saver bags and I’ve made my mashed potatoes and they are in a container (air pockets filled in) with saran wrap pressed down on them and in the freezer as well. I’ve done this before and everything comes out wonderful!!!

Homemade Pumpkin Puree

  Here’s today pre-tip……if you make homemade pumpkin purĂ©e….. Go TODAY! and get the small pie pumpkins 😊. You can use regular pumpkins buy they aren’t as sweet.

Countdown to Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Halloween, but that has nothing to do with it!!!!! I’ve been planning Thanksgiving dinner since AUGUST!!! If you’re not like me, this is a great weekend to get your Thanksgiving day planned.