10 Ways to Get Creative with Candles 

Preserve the autumnal glow with these glass cylinders. They’re pressed with collected leaves in scarlet, orange, and golden hues. Read More: 10 Ways to Get Creative with Candles | Martha Stewart

Farm living/DIY style

“Happiness starts here.” The heartfelt sign hangs near the basement stairs in this cheerful and imaginatively decorated ranch-style farmhouse. And downstairs is the roomy workspace where most of the homeowner’s DIY projects take shape. Read More: Farm living/DIY style | Cedar Valley Home and Garden | wcfcourier.com

How to Make the Perfect DIY Tire Swing

Whether it hangs from a weeping willow, swing set, or over a river, tire swings have always been a summertime essential. Read More: How to Make the Perfect DIY Tire Swing

DIY Makeup Removing Wipes

Learn how to make my favorite makeup removing wipes, free of harsh chemicals and artificial colors. Read More: DIY MAKEUP REMOVING WIPES – The Kitchy Kitchen

5 Creative DIY Ways to Organize Magazines in the Bathroom

It’s rarely discussed, but it happens everyday in bathrooms all over the world. Magazines seem to mysteriously find their way into the loo. My husband’s car magazines, my fashion and design mags — they all have a place in the bathroom. And, that place is usually the floor, the countertop, a random drawer, or on…

DIY French terra cotta pots 

If you are ready for spring planting but you are looking for an upcycle idea, how about your own French pots for your plants this year?  I just love the French designs that you will find on furniture.  So why not try the same technique on terracotta pots?  I did and it worked! Read More:…

How to Create an Easy DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

With limited outdoor space, apartment living can really put a damper on gardening. If you have the desire to grow something that requires little attention and takes up minimal space, this DIY mason jar herb garden is just for you! Read More: How to Create an Easy DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

DIY Friday: Make a Memorable Quilt For Your Home!

Happy DIY Friday! This week, Paige Hemmis stopped by Hallmark Channel’s hit daytime talk show Home & Family to demonstrate how to make a memorable quilt! Check out the instructions below. Read More: DIY Friday: Make a Memorable Quilt For Your Home! – Closer Weekly

Repel Mosquitoes with Tiki Torch Candles

Longer days and warmer nights mean that outdoor dining season is finally here. Whether that means leisurely evenings on the patio feasting with family or friends, or just a moment of Zen with a cocktail and a sunset, we look for any excuse to stay outside during these precious few months of summer. Unfortunately, mosquitoes…

6 DIY Headboards You Can Make Yourself

Headboards make a design statement in any bedroom. They can transform a plain old bed into an eye-catching piece of furniture. But headboards can be expensive, and finding one that suits your design aesthetic can be difficult. So build your own. These bloggers share their DIY headboard projects that look great and are done on…

DIY crafts to get your home ready for summer 

As spring changes over to summer, you may be looking to change things up around the house. Jennifer Allwood from The Magic Brush shares some fun and easy DIY projects involving moss. Read More: DIY crafts to get your home ready for summer | fox4kc.com

Fresh Start: Quick & Easy DIY Home Upgrades

Decorating doesn’t have to mean lengthy and expensive undertakings. These affordable projects can be completed in a day or two but the results can be enjoyed for years to come. Read More: Fresh Start: Quick & Easy Upgrades | Martha Stewart

DIY Washboard Flower Bed

A DIY from Dream Jobbing Finalist, Jeremy Rabe. Read More: How To – Home & Family: DIY Washboard Flower Bed | Hallmark Channel

DIY All-Natural Cleaning Products 

All-natural beauty products have taken the beauty world by storm and slowly but surely the same is happening in the cleaning supply aisle. While you don’t directly ingest or purposefully rub cleaning products onto skin, you are still being exposed to toxic ingredients while using them in your home. Read More: DIY All-Natural Cleaning Products…

How to repurpose broken or outdated picture frames

Wait! Don’t be so quick to throw away that broken or outdated picture frame. Like plenty of other multi-functional decor items, frames come with endless DIY opportunities. Read More: How to repurpose broken or outdated picture frames – 7NEWS Denver TheDenverChannel.com

Celebrate Summer with DIY Party Decor 

(Family Features) Spring and summer present endless opportunities to celebrate, from events like graduations and birthday parties to barbecues and gatherings with friends. Impress guests and add an element of Read More: Celebrate Summer with DIY Party Decor | Family Living | themonitor.com

DIY Fashionable and Functional Aprons 

Ken Wingard shows you how easy it to make aprons that are strong and sturdy. Read More: How To – Home & Family: DIY Fashionable and Functional Aprons | Hallmark Channel

2 D.I.Y., All-Natural Face Mask Recipes

When it comes to combating bad skin. Finding products that aren’t packed with chemicals and preservatives can be a real pain in the neck, so our solution is to D.I.Y. with a little all-natural, homemade creation. Read More: 2 D.I.Y., All-Natural Face Mask Recipes – Lei Chic – April 2016 – Honolulu, HI