Fitting in fitness 

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the incessant demands people face every day. Whether a demand is work-related, personal or a combination, it’s still a balancing act and we often forget to include ourselves as part of that equation. That said, it is possible to fit in time for activity in a busy day….

5 Simple Ways to Help Elevate Your Life 

We are all busy and sometimes lose sight of what’s important. Of course we all want to live a happy and fulfilled life, but how? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a magic formula? Well there might be! Read More: 5 Simple Ways to Help Elevate Your Life – Story

16 Things You Should Know About Yourself By Your Mid-20s 

It’s not that you need to have completed a degree or travelled the world or left your hometown by the time you hit your mid-20s, but it’s an age at which you should have grown to know yourself to a certain degree. You should know how to comfort yourself when you’re down, what to do…

Don’t forget your spouse while busy parenting 

I find myself living in the fast lane these days and I don’t always pump the breaks to stop and look around. Between play dates, appointments and nap schedules, my weeks run themselves and I go into autopilot mode, moving from one event to the next.Raising two tiny humans is exhausting.However, while I am pouring…

Bedtime Routine Tips – Successful Women Advice

Getting good sleep is everyone’s goal — but it’s not as easy as it once was to just drift off to dreamland. Anyone who’s had trouble falling asleep knows that’s the truth, but as Arianna Huffington points out in her book, The Sleep Revolution, certain things about the modern woman’s life — our technology addiction…

Proof It’s Possible to Achieve Work-Life Balance

The Leadership Insiders network is an online community where the most thoughtful and influential people in business contribute answers to timely questions about careers and leadership. Today’s answer to the question “How do you create balance in your professional life?” is by Sandy Shirai, vice chairman at Deloitte LLP. Read More: Proof It’s Possible to…

Can These 5 Steps Lead to True Self Discovery

Do you find yourself in a constant battle of wanting to do something meaningful with your life, but not knowing what and how? Source: Can These 5 Steps Lead to True Self Discovery – Beliefnet

7 tips for reducing stress and taking it slow 

For many of us, slowing down doesn’t seem to be a possibility. Between work obligations and family and managing a household, there’s rarely time for much else. But constantly leading a fast-paced life can leave you feeling burnt out and stressed out. Source: 7 tips for reducing stress and taking it slow – Baltimore Sun

Building Your House Brick by Brick

What would you be willing to sacrifice now to build something that would vastly improve your future? How long would you have the patience to prepare before you saw any results? Source: Building Your House Brick by Brick – Successify!

The Health Benefits Of Hyssop 

Used since ancient times, hyssop is full of virtues. Popular with beginners as much as confirmed foodies, this sun sip plant is nonetheless an exceptional mine of benefits to the body. Expectorant, anti-inflammatory, sedative, antiseptic … The list of therapeutic hyssop is long. Here is an overview. Source: The Health Benefits Of Hyssop | The…

11 Must Have Items For Treating Yourself 

Life can be really overwhelming. Between pressures at work, other people, and just the general fast pace of modern life, it can sometimes feel like there’s zero room for downtime. It’s why knowing how to be good to yourself is important, as well as having the right tools on hand to properly treat Source: 11…

Lavender for Anxiety – Can It Help?

Find out how breathing in the soothing scent of lavender oil may help ease your mind and keep anxiety at bay. Read More: Lavender for Anxiety – Can It Help?

6 Simple Ways To Find Your Passion In Life 

Purpose is the reason you go on the journey and your passion is what keeps you motivated along the way. Do you feel yourself lost trying to discover what’s your purpose in life or ways to find your passion in life? Read More: 6 Simple Ways To Find Your Passion In Life | Kevin Payne…