Summer is Here

I always loved June. It meant the children were out of school. Most mothers liked September best but I loved it when the kids were home. Sure some days I was grumpy but I always needed them by my side. As they got older we began taking our trailer camping much of the summer. Laughs, swimming, dinners on the barbecue and sitting around the campfire singing songs and eating S’mores. Usually each one brought a friend so it wasn’t long before tents sprouted holding them lovingly outside. I laid in bed many nights listening to them telling stories and giggling. They felt so grown up out there. The older they got the more tears would creep down my cheek, knowing that soon they would be out on their own, leaving my side. Bob always said that we wanted that for them, and he was right, but my heart never agreed. I love those memories to this day. When I feel lonely, I travel back through time, circling around each memory holding it close to my heart.