Cleaning Up

Good Morning! It’s been 8 days since I posted last. That just means that I’ve been busy!! Spending time with family (and we all know, there’s never enough time to do that!), Church commitments, Homeschooling and of course…..pre-preparing for Thanksgiving! Woo HOO!!

As of now….I’m cleaning house.  We all get into some kind of cleaning frenzy at holidays when everyone is coming! I decided to rearrange furniture and clean behind and under it all.  I have to finish that and do regular house cleaning so that on Thanksgiving morning it just spiffing up while trying to keep the kitchen clean as I work. I will get the living room finished up Monday right after my donation items are picked up.

Do you ever need more side tables for your guests to put drinks and such on? This year, I’m going to use my fall decoration tubs!! I’m going to place them strategically around, cover them in fall fashion table clothes and viola! Side tables! That evening or the next day, my tubs are already out so that I can start putting away the fall decorations, dust really well and break out Christmas baby!!

I pray you’ve all had a great week and you’ll have a great weekend. I’m looking forward to spending more time with family and getting more done towards Thanksgiving. I’ll post more often now that we are closer to the day. T-6 days and counting!