Countdown to Thanksgiving

Since tomorrow is Halloween. That has nothing to do with it!!!!! I’ve been planning Thanksgiving dinner since AUGUST!!! Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE this time of year! I’m a reverse bear. I come alive mid-September and thrive through Spring (or the temperature breaks 85 degrees). I hibernate as much as possible through the dreaded Summer and pray for our AC bill to not force us onto a crash diet.┬áIf you’re not like me, this is a great weekend to get your Thanksgiving day planned. Here’s how I do it:

1. Guest list (put number of people. I forget how to count sometimes)

2. Menu (no drinks or dessert)
3. Dessert (since not everyone has the same priorities, I didn’t list it 1st)
4. Beverages
5. Ingredients per menu item that you are making, name of the person
next to menu item they are bringing.
6. Mark off items that you have and DON’T NEED TO PURCHASE!!!!!!!!
7. Decide on paper plates or making sure the dishwasher is empty!
8. Make a grocery list.
9. Shop and pre-prepare according to sales sheets and store bargains
10. Reserve one day a week for the kitchen.

Some of this will vary as you go. I have stuff already bought, baked, made and in the…….. another day!