Easter Dinner Is On Its Way

Hi! I know it’s been awhile since we’ve last met and I’m sorry for that. I just thought I’d stop by and say hi, see how everyone is and how planning for Easter dinner is going……and see who’s started planning graduation parties yet! We are combining an 18th birthday and graduation party this June and we are well under way. We’ve made our guest list. Sent out a save the date notice. Reserved our location. Planned our menu and games. MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!!!! We’ve set a budget and are so far sticking to it! WOO HOO!! We’ve purchased all our paper goods. Food containers. Items for 1 game that we will be building this weekend. We will work on buying non-perishable food items as we grocery shop and putting them away. We’ve already been price shopping for our fresh food and comparing prices. We’ve started taking pics for announcements also and will start working on those in the next few month or so.

So! What are your upcoming plans and what are your strategies for handling them with as little stress as possible? Is there something that you can’t quit work out that I may be able to help you with?