Gluten Free Thanksgiving

Good Morning!! I have lots of things to accomplish today and I didn’t want to miss posting something today.

As you know……I’m gluten free now.┬áIt’s been just over a year and while I can honestly say I feel better and my clothes fit differently, it’s been an interesting kind of challenge with a ton of learning and experimentation. The one thing that I’ve truly missed is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Bread has been the most challenging so far but I find something new all the time and I’m taking notes! Which brings me to today’s pre-tip.

I will NOT, in any certain or uncertain terms give up stuffing on Thanksgiving! So……….I’m making my own! It will be gluten free! I’ve found that I really like Bob’s Red Mill Cornbread mix as an unsweetened choice. I’ve already made 1 mix, cut it into cubes, dried it and have it in a food saver bag. I also bought a family size loaf of Udi’s whole grain bread, cut it into cubes, dried it and have it in a vacuum sealed bag as well. Since I don’t do pie crusts from scratch (because I haven’t been brave enough to try it) I’ve purchased frozen, GF pie crusts from Sprouts and have them in the freezer as well. I’ve had them before and they are pretty good!

NOTE: Since my mother in law will be here and has insisted that she help with the meal (Thanks Mom!)…..she will be making her stuffing in non-gluten free fashion!

Over the course of the next week, I will be going over my menu and rummaging through my cupboards for ingredients I all ready have. I will compile my grocery list and start getting all my non-perishable items now and asking the butcher counter when I can order my turkey’s. Yes, plural! 1 roasted and 1 deep fried!

Since I’ve written more than I’d planned gasp emoticon I’ll stop now, lol. Have a great day and plan away!